30 Rough Texture Brushes

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30 in set

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Jul 10, 2009
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rough textured brushes.

More texture brushes by Buburu. This time there are 9 large 1024x768px brushes with the rest ranging from 200px to 900px in size. Lots of rough surfaces in this set. perfect for a grungy feel. A few splats, cracks and scratches for some extra variety.

Free for personal and commercial use. Credit is not required but very much appreciated.


Thank You

Your brushes are wonderful. Thank you VERY much!

Your brushes

Honestly finding your site on DigiFree and down loading some of your brushes has been a wonderful find. They are magnificent - all of them and there are clearly some creative geniuses out there. I only do family type scraps, entirely personal, but your brushes have been a real gift. Can't thank you enough.