Artistic Brushes

Made By: 
Alex Dukal
Photoshop Brush : 
29 in set

Date added: 
Jul 03, 2009
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artistic photoshop brushes

A set of brushes with an 'artists' feel to them. Made in CS3 these brushes are a bit small but are still of good value. The type of brush effects include chalk, water colors, pastel pencils, crayon, impressionist, splats, pattern, sponge.

They are free for personal use and some commercial. Please refer to the terms of use included. Alex has told me that people become confused thinking that they can't use the brushes in commercial artworks, He has no problems with you doing that, the license included with these brushes is mainly to prevent the sale or commercial redistribution of his stuff.


Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!