Free Flourish Title Brushes

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6 in set

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Jul 31, 2009
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Photoshop 2.0

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We've transformed these vintage banners and titles into large photoshop brushes. Each brush is huge (around 1400pixels) so they are perfect for print. Try them out on your wedding invites or save the dates. Make fancy stationary, note cards or mailing labels. Sky is the limit.

They are free for your own personal and commercial use. By commercial use we mean that you can tack it on to your artwork, poster, website, flyer or they can be used on your handmade atcs, cards, invites, scrapbooks, colagges. But do not distribute them from your own websites for sale or for free as a set of brushes by itself.


LOVELY! Thank you sharing SO

LOVELY! Thank you sharing SO generously!

Thanks! juno xx Juno's