Gears and Cog Brushes

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7 in set

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Aug 09, 2009
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gears and cogs photoshop brushes.

7 steampunk gear and cog brushes. Nice and big (around 1000px each) each brush is slightly textured to for a more real effect.
Brushes are free for personal and commercial use. Please let us know what you do with these brushes.


What I'm using them for...

High school yearbook. That's what I'm using them for....
Unfortunately...I might not be able to credit visibly, but I do offer my thanks, and you'd blow my brushes out of the water any day. :)

Check HTTP://PIKACHUPALOOZA.DEVIANTART.COM for a deviation submission, because I might post a preview of the page with your brushes used in it on there~

Thanks so much!

I got them now :) Thank you!

I got them now :) Thank you!

I'm sorry but I can't

I'm sorry but I can't download these brushes :( The link just go back to the first page.

all good now

these should work ok now.