Music Notes Brushes

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Heart Driven
Photoshop Brush : 
12 in set

Date added: 
Jun 23, 2009
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musical notes brushes for photoshop

12 musical notes for use on your projects. Most of the brushes are small sections of sheet music. Great photoshop brushes for any kind of artwork - band posters, recitals, newsletters, photo wall art + heaps more uses.
Please check the authors terms and conditions in the read me file.
You may...
... use them on your artwork as long as it's for personal use

You may NOT...
... use them for commercial purposes of any kind (if you want to, please contact the author for further information)
... claim these resources as your own
... publish them under your name
... offer them to others at your website or elsewhere
... alter them in any way to make new resources out of them