Sewing Stitches Brushes

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16 in set

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Jul 06, 2009
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sewing stitches brushes

Sewing stitches galore.
16 Progressive stitch brushes.
These brushes are progressive, this means that you will need to left click and drag the mouse to see these brushes work properly. They are really awesome to use and are now my fave stitching brush!

There are zig zags, cross stitch, some diagonal stitches, straigt and a double straight plus some variations on each theme. Perfect for hybrid and digital scrapbooking.

Brushes are free for personal but please check with the author for terms on commercial use just to be sure.


Thanks! juno xx Juno's


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These look fun are they free

These look fun are they free for CU?

Looking Good

these brushes look great. i hope i can figure out how to work them in PS Elements.