Urban Scrawl 2

Made By: 
Tamsin Baker
Photoshop Brush : 
16 in set

Date added: 
Jul 09, 2009
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Urban scrawl brushes for photoshop

Tamsin's 2nd set of fun urbanite brushes. In this set you will find derelict buildings, piles of bricks, some windmills, telephone lines, a fence, a car wreck a fish on o boat??? a poster, a tape deck and some splats to finish it off. They are free for any use at all, commercial or personal etc.
medium sized brushes 40-850. check out her first set too.


Cool! Thanks!

These are awesome!I have your first Urban Scrawl brushes and am happy to see more! Thank you!


Your brushes are so cool! Thanks

these brushes are pretty

these brushes are pretty neat.ty

Thank You

How kewl!!!! Thank you so very much for sharing your talent and work with us out here on the www. Your gift is truly appreciated. Wonderful - wonderful!