Photoshop Brush Compatibility

One of the biggest issues we Photoshoppers face when using 3rd party resources is version compatibility. Too often we find out that the brush set we just downloaded does not even work with the version of Photoshop you have installed on your computer.

When i see that message

"Could not load the brushes because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop"

I just want to scream....Arrrrghhhh. Not only have I wasted my precious time searching for and downloading the darn brushset, now i have to go off and do more tedious hunting to find another set that hopefully will be as good as this one that has just slipped through my fingers...sigh.

So what works with what?

That's the million dollar question isn't it. You can't even say that brushes are forward compatible and will only work with the version of Photoshop that it was created in or higher since that simply isn't true. I have found some brushes are backwards compatible. It's so bloody confusing, I tell ya. And then you go and throw in PS Elements in to the mix and it is pure mayhem!

Compatibility Chart

What I need is a chart or something to straighten this out, a simple 'if you have this, then it will work with this and this, but not this..." I have hunted high and low for something similar but to no avail. So my friends, I am taking it upon myself to create the Photoshop Brush Compatibility Chart. I do have a couple of theorys and will be testing them out and reporting the results here. I will be needing your help though so read on.

Theory: Okay my first theory is that all brushes are forward compatible and are also backwards compatible with some previous versions of PS if the largest brush size falls within that versions brush size specs.

To test the theory I am going to Create two brush sets in CS4. One will contain a brush that is 1000x1000px in size and the other brush set will contain a brush that is 1010x1010 in size. Then we will test each brushset on all versions of Photoshop and will report if it is compatible or not.

Need Help

Now since I don't have every version of photoshop to test on I will need your help. I actually don't even have CS4 so I will need someone to create the brush for me (what a great start to my big experiment huh, lol) Any volunteers?

If you have CS4 and can spare the time can you drop me a line on the contact form so I can sweet talk you into making my brushsets. Thanks in advance.

  max brush size CS4 brush size 1010px²
is it compatible
CS4 brush size 1000px²
is it compatible
CS1 2500px² yes yes
CS2 2500px² yes yes
CS3 2500px² yes yes
CS4 2500px² yes yes
E4 2500px²    
E6 2500px²    
E7 2500px²    

By the way, if you have all the answers then get over to the contact form and let me in on the secret. I don't want to be conducting my big 'experiment' for nothing...